Angie Sherer

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS# 373912

Getting To Know Angie

As a professional in the mortgage lending industry, I have built my reputation on providing outstanding service to my clients. That means you can count on me to always look out for your best interests, and to keep you informed throughout every step of the lending process. It is my goal to help you cut through the clutter and noise in the mortgage marketplace, so you can quickly and efficiently find a loan that meets your objectives and fits your lifestyle.

As a former teacher and coach, Minnesota native Angie Sherer’s passion for education has driven her career in the mortgage industry for over a decade. Angie’s background in the education field lends itself seamlessly to the public’s need for patient, expert guidance while navigating the complex and sometimes stressful borrowing process – whether they’re buying their first home, moving up or downsizing.

Tirelessly dedicated to her clients, Angie takes her commitment to extensive knowledge of loan guidelines very seriously. She is known for her tenacity in meeting strict deadlines, performing detailed follow up, and using her expertise to explore all avenues to ensure that her clients receive the best possible outcome with regards to loan approval. Her unique brand of diligent and compassionate service has earned her the distinction of being named as a Minnesota Housing (MHFA) platinum level top producing loan officer. Angie was also featured in Top Agent Magazine Minnesota in the August 2015 Edition.

Angie holds a B.A. in Sociology from University of Minnesota and is fully licensed at both the state and federal levels. She is also the past President of the Rotary Club of Northwest Hennepin County. Angie is also an active member of the Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, and involved in the local community.

The Angie Sherer Team

Our Process

Angie takes the initial loan application and works with clients throughout the pre-approval process. Angie structures the loan to ensure the program meets the client’s needs. Once the purchase agreement is received Angie will lock in the terms and hand their file over to expert hands of Stephanie Price and Mariah Stewart who will handle everything until closing day!

Fun Facts About Angie

Best Vacation? Maui, I love everything about it!
Dogs or Cats? Dogs! My dog Jersey is our Director of Paws-itivity
Fun Fact: I was once the Easter Bunny at the Brookdale Mall!

Meet The Angie Sherer Team

Stephanie Price | Mortgage Planner | NMLS 395420

Stephanie is fully licensed and can answer any questions in Angie’s absence. Once a purchase agreement is received Stephanie is your main point of contact for any questions throughout the process. She will request updated documentation and walk you through the initial disclosures. Once disclosures are received she will turn the file into the expert hands of Mariah Stewart.

Fun Facts!

Favorite Season? Fall! I love bonfire and sweatshirt weather.
Dogs or Cats? Dogs! Particularly Pugs! I have two Grand Pugs Nino and Lou!
What Makes You Smile? Telling someone that they are CLEAR TO CLOSE! (My 3 favorite words)

Kristina LeMire | Loan Officer Assistant |

Kristina is a fully licensed loan officer, who helps Angie and Stephanie with all of the day to day operations and all Angie Sherer Team marketing.

Fun Facts!

Best Vacation? Hawaii! I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with a mom who worked in the airline industry, and Hawaii was always our favorite spot to visit! Sunshine, beaches and palm trees!
What's the One Thing People Wouldn't Expect About You? I was in an intermural dodgeball league in college, with my brother and cousin! I love dodgeball the movie, but learned quickly that I dislike things being thrown at me in real life

What are You Doing When You are Not Working?I love to spend time with my family and friends! In the summer you can usually find us out on a patio, or bingeing The Office for the 100th time.

Mariah Stewart | Loan Processor |

Mariah works with our borrowers, realtors and internal employees from the purchase contract to the closing table. She will be the main point of contact during the process of completing the loan. Her strong communication and organization skills are what makers her and incredible asset.

Fun Facts!

Dogs or Cats? Cats over dogs every day! I have three Savannah cats at home Stark, Aria and Marbella.
If not mortgage, what career path would you have chosen? If I didn’t get into mortgages I would have definitely been an astronaut or FBI agent. I love outer space, and I love having to use my detective hat to figure anything out!
Favorite Movies? I love all the Marvel movies with Thor and Iron Man being my favorite. You can catch me at least once a week wearing my favorite Captain America shirt!
Most trying yet rewarding experience? Working full time and going to school full time. I am currently finishing up my 4 year degree at Metropolitan State in Business Administration and am excited to graduate in December of 2019!

Jersey | Director of Paws-itivity! |

Jersey is always around the office keeping an eye on morale! He loves to ride the elevator up to our office, and give lots of extra kisses for treats!

Fun Facts!

Favorite Past Time? I love getting to come to work with my mom! When I’m at home I love to go for long walks and watch tv!
Dogs or Cats? Dogs, duh!

Our Mission Is A Better Mortgage Experience

LeaderOne’s mission and commitment to you is dedicated to facilitating the dream of homeownership by providing you with Five-Star Service.

We believe in earning your trust by communicating to you the information you need to know, when you need to know it and by offering the right mortgage for your unique financial picture at a competitive and fair price.

Who Is LeaderOne Financial?

LeaderOne Financial Corporation is a revolution in mortgage banking. We are committed to our values of Service, Empowerment, and Accountability.

Our ownership model combines the best of both worlds; a commitment to individual empowerment with the backing of a solid, experienced, and committed team. Our customer experience is a function of our employee experience. Together, we truly can achieve more. Our belief in employee engagement doesn’t have a finish line.

A Culture Of Service, Accountability And Empowerment

We treat our customers with the same courtesy, professionalism and support with which we treat each other.


  • Service begins with how we interact internally
  • We seek out ways to make each other look good
  • We give each other the benefit of the doubt
  • We show our appreciation


  • We are all leaders
  • Everyone on the team is a ‘decision-maker’
  • We are not afraid of failure, we are concerned about inaction
  • We are proactive – we Fail Forward
  • We seek out feedback and ideas
  • We ask what we can do to help
  • We are committed to employee development
  • At the end of the day, we all have the same job description


  • We hold each other accountable for positivity
  • We look for ways to do more with less
  • We own our mistakes, and learn from them
  • It’s nobody’s fault, and it’s everyone’s responsibility

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Angie Sherer

Mortgage Loan Officer

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